A Good Pink
Sylvania North View Gallery
January 10 - February 10, 2018
Portland, OR
What happens when fabric, light, and bodies interact?

EM Fuller and BriAnna Rosen mutually investigate the heterogeneous connotations of the color pink. Using Pink: The Exposed Color in Contemporary Art and Culture as a frame of research, the duo aims to reclaim the color pink by placing it in a public environment in which socially constructed associations are produced. As Karl Schawelka writes, “Pink reveals its powers of attraction and its charm because it does not actually call something by its name. Instead, pink suggests ‘between the lines.'” The audience, lit with rose hues from magenta floodlights will be confronted with the seductive visual and tactile oeuvre of silk; flirting with the public to evoke hidden emotional states. 

Philadelphia, PA